A Cry for Freedom

The year 2020 has seen one of the most vicious cries for freedom, justice, and equality. All creation is crying out for peace and rest from its burdensome labors. 

The creation waits in eager expectation for the revelation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19 KJV)

The scriptures echo these sentiments earth cries out in pains of childbirth that the sons of God arise. In rising we speak of a Spiritual Renaissance, that is, a Spiritual Revival and whenever such a Revival or Renaissance takes place it comes at the cusp of a mighty move – a shaking of God. O Lord, we need a world-shaking; a world-transforming revival.  

Yes, indeed “the Lord whom you seek shall suddenly come to his temple” (Malachi 3:1 KJV).

If there was ever a year that we could see ourselves it would be the year 2020. It would be the year that with a 20/20 vision people would have better clarity on issues that were unresolved for many years. It would be a year that everything that could be shaken is shaken; a year that God’s people have eye salve, and focus is sharpened and renewed.

A time of humbling

As we see ourselves witness the vastness of God, his mercies, his judgments, his ability to awaken man to his frailty, and dependence on him. It is only from a humble place that one arises to be free. 

In Acts 20:20, Paul gives us a vision and clarity in evangelism and outreach. He sent his son as an example of preaching the full gospel in the church and the marketplace.

A cry against hate

Indeed the crying is not that of a skin problem, but a sin problem. It is sin that causes us to hate our brothers, it’s sin that wants us to sponsor their demise. Now there’s a cry of freedom that is calling the winds of revival. Only God can give an answer to such a call. Will you be a part of that movement. 

Like the prophet Isaiah, we are crying: “If only You would rend the heavens and come down, so that mountains would quake at Your presence” (Isaiah 64:1 KJV). 

Dwayne Fuller

International author, speaker, apostle, prophet, pastor.
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