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Justice of the Peace in the Island of Jamaica

In Jamaica, Dwayne Fuller is a highly esteemed Justice of the Peace (JP).

As a JP, Dwayne Fuller is qualified to carry out a variety of significant tasks, including the taking of affidavits and statutory declarations, administering oaths and affirmations, and certifying documents. Additionally, he is qualified to write recommendations, attest to, and certify the signatures on official papers including wills, mortgages, and deeds.

He is a highly accomplished mediator and provider of services for conflict resolution. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in this field and enjoys a solid reputation for his capacity to bring parties together and facilitate the development of amicable resolutions.

Another quality that he is renowned for is his dedication to prompt and effective service delivery. He is aware that many of the problems that individuals bring to him are time-sensitive, and he works hard to resolve situations as fast and efficiently as he can.

Overall, he is a competent and committed Justice of the Peace who is committed to giving the community easily accessible, and high-quality services. Dwayne Fuller is available whether you require help with a legal document, a passport application, or a dispute resolution. Dwayne Fuller may be reached at [email protected].

P.S. [You must be adequately known to a JP for at least a year before a JP can offer to you most services. Please take some time out of your busy schedule to make acquaintance at our Meet and Greet (Mondays), so that we may together make our nation a better place]

Contact details Rev. Dwayne Fuller [email protected]

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