Our invitation to you is an opportunity to prayerfully partner with us through the area of financial support.  Our desire is for givers to consistently participate as we seed into his life and ministry by choosing one of the amounts most suitable for you:

1. $1,500.00 JMD/ 10.00 USD       –  monthly

2. $3,000.00 JMD/ 20.00 USD        –  monthly

3. $7,500.00 JMD/ 50.00 USD       –  monthly

4. $15,000.00 JMD/100.00 USD     –  monthly

5. Any amount of your choice                    – monthly

We are certain that as you activate your partnership through the gift of giving, you will unlock your own blessings and rewards.

As you believe upon the word of the Lord and join us on this new personal platform, please note that sowing into Apostle Fuller’s life personally should be done prayerfully with the amount you are led (feel) to give.

It is our partners’ commitment and donations that enurew were are able to take the gospel to the utmost parts of the world.

Cecelia and I are indeed grateful for your consideration and support for a worldwide ministry. Through your efforts, God’s help our desire and our passion to reach the globe through television, radio, and itinerant ministries including humanitarian activities.

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