“We use what is right to fix what is wrong”

Bishop Rohan Edwards

Press Kit

Use the following link to access logos for Dwayne Fuller Ministries!Ak0OqiBbeCvClgkQ7EGYiVLxh_tE?e=KVnHeO

Use the following link to access images for Dwayne Fuller Ministries!Ak0OqiBbeCvCp1XGXyqvSjKz3rqd

In the News

The Gleaner did a series on the life and ministry of God’s choice servant which you may read in the following links. The chronicle reveals how God can redeem anyone and use them for his glory. May the words encourage you to pursue God’s purpose and allow his glory to shine in your life.

Gleaner Article One/Four

Gleaner Article Two/Four

Gleaner Article Three/Four

Gleaner Article Four/Four

Your story indeed can change beloved, and if you will believe; God is willing and able to reward your faith.

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