The Names of God Series – Elohim

The names of God – Elohim


The word Elohim is the pural of El and it is the first name of God given in the Old Testament: In the beginning .. (Genesis 1:1).

I appears over 2570 times and is unique to to the Hebrew language. That is, it is not found in any other language. The name Elohim refers to God’s power,  authority and might. In Genesis 1:1,  and Psalm 19:1 we see Elohim being used to relate to his work of creation. That is, his creative power.

In Hebrew heritage, names were given to denote character, function, significance and use. In this case Elohim refers to a God of power, authority and might.

In Psalm 7:9, it reads “Bring to an end the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure – you, the righteous [Elohim] who probes minds, and hearts.

This tell us so much more about who God is that he is also a righteous judge. Hence He reveals himself in Elohim as one with the power, might, and authority to create, sustain, and judge the earth.

Today, we know whom we serve because his character and nature is written in his name Elohim.



How does this aspect of God’s character affect your present circumstances?


Heavenly Father, grant that I would have revelation of you according to your name Elohim.

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Dwayne Fuller

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